Jason's Blog February 7, 2013

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Life is Awesome!

In every definition of the word:

Urban Dictionary: Amazing, Heart Stirring, wonderful.

Webster: Causing feelings of great admiration, awe.


I have come to realize this is an amazing time in my Life that will be like no other.

To sum it all up:

1.       I love my life!

2.       I’m incredibly fortunate.

3.       I’m so thankful for my friends and family; after all, life is about relationships…@ the end of the day their really all we have.

4.       Everything is temporary, so enjoy whatever stage I’m in.

5.       Smile; it just feels good!


I don’t tend to share too may personal details of my life, but I feel it is a bit overdue.  After all, I’m allowed to be trusted in other people’s lives with most valued and sometimes treasured asset. 

This is an amazing time in my life.  There are all sorts of big changes happening around me.  My friends are very busy with Children in school, sports, children graduating and even having babies.  Some are getting new jobs, new outlooks, and even new GROWTH!


Again it has been a nice journey and it’s a welcome feeling to be inspired by friends and colleagues…which is important in being an entrepreneur.  I hope this wasn’t too cheesy for you all, but I can be a bit of a sap.  I buy and sell homes for friends and family for a living in case you forgot.  I have a ton of passion and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything!

Thank you!